SME Information Assurance (IASME) is one of the five companies qualified to act as a certification body. As a certification body, the organization has the right to evaluate and certify other organizations to see if its policies are in line with the government’s plans.

IASME was originally designed for several years to ensure that companies can protect the data they own. The goal of IASME is to provide cyber security standards for SMEs. The standard is based on ISO 27001, but is more personalized for small businesses.

What is ISO 27001?

ISO 27001 is fundamentally an industry standard for effectively and efficiently managing information security. The latest version of this standard is currently ISO 27001:2013. These standards cover all aspects of the business and the way to interact with security. It provides organizations with a model for establishing, implementing, operating, monitoring, reviewing, and improving their information security management systems in a standardized and clear manner.

ISO 27002 contains 12 core parts:

1. Risk assessment
2. Security strategy
3. Information security organization
4. Asset management
5. Human resource security
6. Physical and environmental security
7. Communication and operation management
8. Access control
9. Information System procurement, development and maintenance
10. Information security incident management
11. Business continuity management
12. Compliance

Where does the basic knowledge of the network come from?

Cyber ​​Essentials is an industry standard that effectively portrays that the organization has taken the necessary steps to ensure that its systems and data are protected from cyber threats. In some cases, this is government-backed, and only organizations that have obtained this certification can conduct business with specific public sector agencies. There are two main levels of certification: Cyber ​​Essentials and Cyber ​​Essentials Plus. By earning the Cyber ​​Essentials Plus level, your organization will gradually meet the requirements of ISO 27001.

Basically, the purpose of IASME is to ensure that the organization complies with the "Network Basic Plan". The plan considered five main control factors, including physical security, employee awareness, and data backup. Just like Cyber ​​Essentials, the IASME standard can provide its customers and suppliers with verification of their information security.

This standard is provided with Cyber ​​Essentials certification. There are two variants of the IASME standard, much like the main points of the network; habits, self-assessment and the gold standard require on-site audits.

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Why does my company need these?

• These standards are critical to enterprise security. If you comply with these regulations, you are highly unlikely to suffer data loss or fines caused by cyber attacks.
• Mainly to show your customers that you don’t have a high view of network security.
• For organizations, when they want to start a business, they usually prefer companies with this certification.

With cyber threats looming more than ever, it is necessary for us to take all necessary precautions to maintain our cyber security. Therefore, it is the right way for your business to obtain IASME certification from a well-known company.


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